In the early morning hours of 10th Oct. 1849, the British schooner St. Kalhoy was stranded on an uninhabited island in heavy weather. Only the shipmaster L. Tenant, his wife Symphonia, her governess, and six sailors including young ship-boy Friedrich, son of a Prussian aritstocrat family, survived. They had to wait three days while the storm was running riot. Fortunately the schooner was stranded on a shelf only 50 yards away from the coast, thus Tenant and his brave crew could recover some goods.

Days later after another storm Tenant made an astounding discovery: Again, wreckage from another deplorable ship was scattered on the beach. No ship ever reached the island in one piece in the following 90 years. Tenant died in 1876, but his descendants are still walking to the beach to collect stranded treasures.


Frederic Tenant

Founder of St. Kalhoy ~ Glöry Stuff

Jan. 2017